Select potential clients who
suit the profile searched by using
the most innovative prospecting tool
available on the market.

What is Prospecting?

Increase your clients through marketing campaigns addressed to the selected prospects according to their greater likelihood to purchase and lowest credit risk.

Research the markets of people and companies for free with the most innovative prospecting tool of the market (go to You will be able to make counts through the application of successive filters to find the prospects that most adjust to the profile desired as far as credit and demographic aspects are concerned.

Once the set searched has been identified, you will have access to the database of prospects enriched with all the descriptive and contact data to be used in marketing campaigns.

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Commercial Assistance
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Nosis | Prospecting examples
Prospecting examples
Download an example from the database you will receive by Nosis' Prospecting.
These are some of the filters you may use:
  • Company/ Individual
  • Activity in the Argentine Tax Authority (activity, sector, category)
  • Type of registration at the Argentine Tax Authority (employees, self-employed persons, individual tax payers, individual without activity)
  • Register of Debtors (according to the situation in the Central Bank of Argentina and the period)
  • History of lawsuits, pending official letters, bankruptcy petitions, reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings, bad checks, checks without the payment of fines (based on amount and period)
  • Score (credit risk indicator)
  • Socio-economic status (estimation of the monthly income of people)
  • Estimated turnover (of the annual sales of the companies)
  • Amount of employees
  • Domicile (postal code, province, city)
  • Age/Gender
  • Foreign trade (import and export)
  • Contact mode (domicile and phone)
  • Registration in the national Do Not Call registry
Nosis Prospecting | Benefits

Research your target markets for free

Optimize resources

Lead the company's efforts to the acquisition of the most creditworthy prospects and with higher purchase probability.

Reduce costs

Avoid acquiring and contacting prospects that will be later dismissed due to lack of creditworthiness.

Identify new business opportunities

Get contact data

Example of lists of prospects

Example of specific searches made at Nosis Marketing.

People under a labor
from 25 to 45 years
from Rosario
Women with at least
1 employee being an
individual tax payer under
category I, J and K
residing in the City of Buenos Aires
with more than 100
elaboration companies
in the province
of Mendoza
Nosis Clones
Discover this fast and innovative way to search new
clients with the same characteristics of your best client.
Nosis Prospecting

Select potential clients with the most innovative prospecting tool of the market.

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